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Programmes That Match Your Child's Developmental Milestones

Playgroup Programme 

Getting the right start to learning is important to ensure the journey stays lifelong. To this end, Dibber’s Playgroup Programme has set in place a curriculum to make sure all the learning requirements of young minds are met as per their developmental milestones. The accompanied programme aims to challenge and prepare your child to do better with each passing day. 

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Mini-Prep (25 to 35 months)

If you are not ready to send your child for PN, or you are looking for a class to prepare your child for PN then this is the right programme for him or her!  Contact us for more information.

Dibber Seedlings (12 to 18 months)

As our little ones keep growing, their need for challenges and learning increases as well. This calls for learning to be developed in a way that nurtures their adventurous spirit and challenges them to learn independently.

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Dibber Saplings (18 to 24 months)

As months add on to their age, children have an unsatiable need to try new things and learn more. As educators, we need to constantly develop meaningful activities to not only engage children mentally and physically but ensure that they meet all their developmental milestones on time.

Dibber Sprouts (24 to 30 months)

As the final stage of the Playgroup Programme, this is the foundational class that prepares children for unaccompanied classes. With increased emphasis on etiquettes while developing and enhancing their gross and fine motor skills, this session also gives children the opportunity to improve their social skills by giving them opportunities to interact with their peers and others alike.

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Aid your child's development with the right Playgroup Programme

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