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The Dibber Concept of Learning

The Dibber Concept of Learning

What Dibber Education Entails

Associating with an International Preschool like Dibber ensures your child gets best-in-class exposure to everything needed for holistic development. While education and academics are of great significance to us, we also make sure the child is not overwhelmed. Learning at Dibber is a joyful experience where children nurture their curiosity and embark on a lifelong adventurous journey of learning.


The Nordic curriculum that we adopt focuses on developing the whole child, it places equal importance to the academic, physical, emotional, and social well-being of the child. We hope to build an atmosphere where children look forward to spending time. They are encouraged to try new things without the fear of failure. New experiences are a part of everyday life in our International Kindergarten.

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A Choice Between Early Years Curriculums

Another advantage of introducing your child to Dibber is the fact that there are two curriculums offered – International and Mainstream Curriculum based on the child's prospects with International or Local Primary schools.









Small Group Learning

Apart from the fact that our kind-hearted educators are highly qualified and adept at making the most of any available learning opportunity. It is important for us to ensure every child gets the personalized attention they need to flourish and thrive.


With this intention, we keep the number of students in our classes small. We have a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:8 in Kindergarten and 1:10 in our Playgroup classes. This ensures we are able to help each child reach their full potential based on their individual developmental needs.

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Safe & Inclusive Environment

A lot can be said about our beautiful harbor-front campus in Whampoa. It is developed keeping in mind that each child would have varied interests in terms of the activities that engage them. Some of the highlights of this beautiful campus are listed below:

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Large Playground

We have two large playgrounds and an age-appropriate rock climbing wall to engage children in various physical activities, sports, and play.

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Open-Plan Classrooms

Our classrooms are designed keeping in mind the age-appropriate learning requirements for each child.

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Multi-Sensory Learning

Children engage all their senses while learning at our Kindergarten school. Experiencing various textures, colors, and sounds help in their sensory development.

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Creative Space

We encourage and nurture creativity in each child by giving them access to safe creative spaces including the music corner, dress up area and construction area.

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Active Space

Your child is constantly encouraged to explore and discover the campus as the set up transforms regularly depending on the theme of the month.

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Library Nook

Reading is essential for language development in a child. Our library nook has a stock of delightful books that your child can enjoy.

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Motor Sensory Wall

We challenge each child to become a better version of themselves by testing their abilities and improving their skills. We ensure our children develop wholly.


Come, Say Hello!

We would love to have you visit us to know more about our beliefs, values, curriculums and to know how we can make a difference in your child’s life. If you have any queries that we can help you with, we would be happy to do so! You can get in touch with us via phone.

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