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About Our Early Childhood Education Programme

About Our Early Childhood Education Programme

About Dibber

The early years in a child's life are the most formative and getting them started on the right track of understanding is paramount in ensuring they develop a positive relationship to learning. At Dibber, we focus on this process.

Our education system is developed keeping in mind that every child and their needs are different. In order to ensure their overall development, the child learns at their own pace. We have a well-developed curriculum, but we also stay prepared for impromptu learning as opportunity strikes.

The spacious Hong Kong campus is developed keeping in mind the age and diversity of children in our kindergarten. We aim to ensure each child has exposure to a wide range of activities that they can engage in. These activities are carefully designed for the overall development of your child. For more information about our curriculum and the kind of activities we undertake, go through ‘Our Curriculum’.


The foundation of our system is the wonderful staff who make sure each child is given individualised attention. From the teachers who help the students with the daily literary classes to the chef who teaches them the importance of healthy eating, our staff are well-equipped to guide young minds, nurturing their curiosity and channeling their energy for constructive purposes.

Randi and Hans Jacob

What if all children could know how valuable they are?

- Randi and Hans Jacob, Owners.

Dibber was founded and is still owned by the educators Hans Jacob and Randi Sundby who are truly passionate about helping children to become the best versions of themselves. It is all about giving every child the opportunity to embark on a magical learning journey that will help them thrive!


The very first kindergarten was opened in a small town in Norway, Kristiansand in 2003. Today we are operating 550 units worldwide and are excited to continue our journey with every new location.

About Our Owners

Randi & Hans Jacob Sundby


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As an educator, I am driven by the individual success and growth of every child. I am excited to bring my passion, enthusiasm, and experience to cultivate the unique educational programs – Playful learning, Interaction, Mastery, that Dibber has to offer. 


Young children exhibit a strong drive for mastery and independence, and they need to be shown support and respect. It is the core of our educational foundation and heart culture that every child will experience a sense of worth and feel capable of learning and coping through playful learning. We ensure children receive daily care and will soon grow using kind and uplifting words and encourage cheers in their attempts of mastery – in both educational skills and social competency.  


Dibber learners master life through a unique combination of dedicated warm-hearted educators, proven learning curriculum and methodology in a smart and safe environment. 


I am very excited to partner with faculty, students and families to ensure every child is celebrated and supported. Together, we will ensure that at Dibber, every child will experience the joy of mastery every day! 

Principal's Message

Ms. Vivian Cheung

School Principal 

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