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Start Your Dibber Journey

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Our Fee Structure

We offer different programmes in our Kindergarten, and this enables you to choose one that fits your needs the best. Please download our fee structure for detailed information regarding the programmes and the corresponding fees.


*Fees are subject to change.

Direct Debit Authorization

What is better than having a wonderful education for your child? Not having to worry about the fee payment schedules so as not to miss any due dates, of course! Please fill the form below for your DDA and be worry-free. Let us help you in case you have any concerns.

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How to fill in the Direct Debit Authorisation Form

  • Direct Debit is mandatory.

  • One Direct Debit Authorisation form for each student, e.g. if you have two children attending Dibber International Kindergarten, please fill in two Direct Debit Authorisation forms, one for each child.

  • A letter of acknowledgement will be sent to parents once we receive the confirmation from the bank.

  • Should there be any correction on the form, please cross it out and sign beside it. Do not overwrite or use correction fluid.


  • Please fill the form in ENGLISH and in BLOCK letters

  1. Bank name and branch​

  2. Bank No. and Account No. shown on ATM card or statement/passbook

  3. Name of bank account holder

  4. Contact number

  5. Suggested limit for each payment 

    • $10,000 for Half-Day KG-Prep/ K1-3 Programmes

    • $14,000 for Full Day KG-Prep/ K1-3 Programmes

  6. Expiry Date

    • Please DO NOT FILL

  7. Address

    • Same address as registered with bank

  8. Debtor Name

    • ​Student Full Name​

  9. Debtor Reference

    • Student Full Name

  10. Signature

    • Bank signature

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