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Easter Camp with Ballroom Bees

Easter Camp with Ballroom Bees

Easter is around the corner! Here is a 4-day camp offered by Ballroom Bees at Dibber International Kindergarten (Whampoa). At Dibber, we join the world-class dance school to provide your children with an exclusive dance learning experience.

Learning dance in early childhood enhances overall health and fitness, boosts cardiovascular, respiratory, and muscular strength, and improves agility and flexibility. Let your child sway with ease!

Ballroom Bees offers a 10% of early bird discount until 28th February. Wait no more! Book Now at

For further details, reach out via email and WhatsApp - / +852 4622 3215 

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Spring Camp with Camp Beaumont

Spring Camp with Camp Beaumont

As the spring approaches, Camp Beaumont, the UK’s most renowned day camp provider, is partnering with Dibber International Kindergarten (Whampoa) to provide children with an inspirational, educational, and exceptional camping experience. Dibber is proud to join hands with the 42-year-experienced company to make your children’s camping experience memorable.

It is a 4-day camp, and each day is themed differently with Easter activities, sensorial play, multisport, and STEM. We also have a 10% early bird booking offer until 16th March 2023.

Hurry and register now at

Reach out to us for further details via email or WhatsApp - / +852 6549 8602 

GAPSK Putonghua Proficiency Test for Kindergarten

GAPSK Putonghua Proficiency Test for Kindergarten

Do you want to make your child proficient in Putonghua? Think no more! Let your child take the "GAPSK Putonghua Proficiency Test for Kindergarten". This course is specially designed to prepare kindergarten students to take this Putonghua test. Listening, speaking, and reading skills in Putonghua will be assessed extensively. The programme adheres to "theme teaching" advocated by the Hong Kong Education Bureau. Sign up now at or enquire more info via Whatsapp +852 5664 8466!

人 數:每班 4 - 8人
課程費用:$2880/12 堂 
二人同行, 有*85折優惠  

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Learn English with Dibber's Cambridge Course


Looking to enhance your child's language skills?

Introducing the Cambridge Pre A1 Starters Prep Course - a language course designed for young learners in K1, K2 and K3 preparing to take the Cambridge exam. Cambridge YLE has 3 levels: Starters, Movers & Flyers

Your child will improve exam-taking skills, consolidate knowledge of English, exercise their listening, speaking and writing skills and enhance children's confidence.

Learn English with Dibber's Cambridge Course
Dance with Balroom

Dance with Ballroom Bees

A fun and friendly new way for kids to connect through dance, music and play. Ballroom Bees is a one-of-a-kind programme designed to nurture a child’s all-round development – all through the joy of dance. Ballroom Bees students can expect to reap a range of physical and mental benefits, including improved motor skills, balance and coordination, flexibility and agility, strength and fitness, and musicality and rhythm.

The social aspect of ballroom dance also offers the perfect framework for children to learn about partnership, etiquette, and teamwork bringing boys and girls together, building self-confidence and mutual respect, whilst forging lasting friendships along the way.

To enroll, contact +852 4622 3215

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