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The Dibber Child Assessment

The Dibber Child Assessment

It’s how we understand your child and help them grow.

Do not be overwhelmed by the name! Contrary to what it sounds like, the assessment is more like a one-on-one meeting to help us understand the developmental needs of your child. The Dibber Child Assessment is aimed at evaluating your child’s strengths and weaknesses to help us to tailor our teaching in a way that is most beneficial for your child.

We want to be prepared to set the right stage before your child starts their learning journey with us. The assessment will help us determine where your child is now and what the next steps in their learning should be.

An Assessment Process to Help You

When we receive your application, we invite you along with your child to our school for the assessment. This assessment is carried out by the year group teacher and in the class setting that is designed for the year your child would be going to. The intention is not to judge your child or determine if they are a ‘good match’ for the school, but rather to design a learning approach that helps bring out the best in them.

We use this opportunity to understand their level of learning and independence. This also helps us identify and prepare for any specific learning requirements that your child might have. The assessment is done through engagement in simple stories, pictures, games, and arts & crafts. The areas we assess your child in are broadly:

  1. Confidence

  2. Lateral thinking ability

  3. Response & Communication skills – speaking, reading & writing

  4. Identify & acknowledge basic letters, numbers, shapes & colors

Once we know what your child needs, we develop a learning approach that helps them to polish the skills they have while giving them an opportunity to build up on new ones.

Tailored Learning Approach

We appreciate the uniqueness that each child brings to Dibber. We also understand that each child has their own learning path and this calls for a tailored approach that can help them grow to their full potential.

Our aim at Dibber International Kindergarten is not to carve our children into the set pattern that we think is appropriate, it is rather to have them hone their skills and learn at their own pace. We work to guide them and offer them opportunities and exposure that helps them choose activities to their liking.

With the skills they develop at our kindergarten, they will be prepared for a seamless transition to any primary school of their choice!

Know More About Dibber

We are more than happy to take you on a tour of the campus where your child will be learning, exploring, and growing. Just book a tour of our campus and we’ll take it from there.

You can also WhatsApp us <link to Whatsapp number> if you have any more questions.

Want to know more about our admission process? Our Admissions page has all the information you’ll need.

We’re glad you’re considering Dibber as the kindergarten of choice for your child and look forward to the start of your journey with us.

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