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Cognitive Development Through Play-Based Activities for Toddlers

What is Cognitive Development?

Brain development, also called cognitive development, entails processes like learning language, thinking, reasoning and memory. How children explore, think and figure things out, all fall under this umbrella. It is the development of cognitive skills that help us understand the world around us and develop competencies like problem-solving and critical thinking. Helping young children master these areas of development requires attention to how children learn best, through learning holistically in playful interactions with others. Play-based activities help cognitive development flourish.

What are Cognitive Skills?

Activities that encourage children to critically think, analyze and make decisions help children develop cognitive skills. Toys and open-ended play also help children channel their creative side while giving them the opportunity to develop essential life skills. Below are10 cognitive skills that are considered core in the optimum development of a child. These are:

  1. Sustained attention

  2. Selective attention

  3. Divided attention

  4. Long-term memory

  5. Response inhibition

  6. Speed of processing information

  7. Logic and reasoning

  8. Working memory

  9. Category formation

  10. Pattern recognition

It is thus important that activities are designed and planned out in a way that these areas of development are focused on. It is easier to manage this in a small class learning environment.

Activities That Enhance Cognitive Development in Toddlers

The significance of helping in the cognitive development of children cannot be emphasized enough. While there are a lot of activities that can be practiced helping in this endeavor, it can quickly become boring for the child who has a short attention span. Therefore, ensuring that these activities are made interesting and fun, becomes paramount. Examples of prominent and effective play-based learning activities that can help in your child’s development are listed below:

  1. Sorting – sizes, shapes, colors and more.

  2. Number and alphabet games

  3. Puzzles and matching games

  4. Finding and hiding objects

  5. Reading, nursery rhymes, riddles, and poems

  6. All kinds of arts and crafts

  7. Outdoor games

How to Engage Children in these activities?

The easiest answer to this is with the help of high-quality kindergartens. Dibber International kindergarten can give your child a wide exposure in terms of facilities and access to a broader range of social and cultural experiences. Our kindergarten has the space and capacity to facilitate well-planned activities for your child. With activities and curriculum curated to match the age-appropriate developmental needs of your child, experienced educators can help your child understand the adventurous world around them and guide them onto the path of lifelong learning.

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