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Mainstream Curriculum 
in an International Setting!

The academic rigor of a mainstream curriculum is now available to your child in a kindergarten setting designed with a global educational perspective.

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Why Settle for Less When You Can Have More! 

It is with great pleasure that we share this wonderful news with you! Along with the world-class international curriculum that we offer, we have now successfully launched our mainstream curriculum as well starting from the academic year of 2022-23. 

Mainstream Curriculum at Dibber 

For the parents who have always had a preference for the mainstream curriculum or wish to enrol your child in a Local Primary School , this gives you the opportunity to have them started on the same path early on. What’s more? The curriculum is offered both in English and Cantonese.  

For the parents interested in the international curriculum, nothing changes at all. Your child gets the same level of international exposure and learning that Dibber is known for. 


Dibber's Learning Environment

Society and Values

Society and Values

Nature and Science

Nature and Science

Language and Literacy

Language and Literacy

Creativity and Art

Creativity and Art

Math and Numeracy

Math and Numeracy

Playful, Fun Ideas

Playful, Fun Ideas

Motion and Health

Motion and Health

Key Features of Our Mainstream Curriculum

  • Play-based focusing on the Norwegian approach ​​

  • Available in English and Cantonese ​

  • Mainstream learning in an international environment

  • Academic based – printed sheets and homework ​

  • Affiliations with Local and International Primary schools 

  • Classes available in the mainstream - KG1- KG3 

  • Option to choose a Primary school of your choice - international or local 

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About Dibber

With more than 520 state-of-the-art kindergartens, pre-schools, and schools in 8 countries, Dibber is the largest operator of Nordics in the world. Our proven pedagogy, caring staff and up-to-date curriculum ensures each child is given all the exposure and facilities that they need to develop wholly.


At Dibber, we work with parents to establish a learning environment that encourages and motivates young minds to achieve mastery. Our curriculum is a great blend of mainstream and international learning approaches and gives each child the opportunity to learn and thrive!

What Does Being a Part of Dibber Mean for Your Child?

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Nordic Curriculum

Dibber international Kindergarten follows the world-renowned Nordic curriculum in our kindergarten. This is one where the overall growth of the children is given high priority. Children are introduced to various activities to suit their interests. 

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World-Class Facilities

Dibber campus in Whampoa, HK is developed keeping in mind the developmental needs of children. We have the facilities required to challenge and encourage children to try various activities to ensure each child can explore and learn.

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Heart Culture

Academics are not the only focus area at our international Kindergarten. We aim to raise kind and confident individuals who are an asset to the community. We wish to encourage children to be empathetic to the world around. 

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All-Round Development

Various developmental areas determine the overall growth of the child. This means, their learning should cater to their cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development. This is what we aim to achieve at our kindergarten. 

Our Global Presences

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Enroll at Dibber

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