The Heart Programme

Safe, warm, fun, engaging people and environments. Employees with the right set of skills, values and relational competency committed to your child.

Dibber has created the Heart Programme, which is literally the heart of Dibber.

It has been developed to provide children with a suitcase filled with positive experiences they will bring with them in life.

The Heart Programme and its heart symbol are our way of working with social skills and relationship skills. A large part of the foundation for caring, empathy, understanding and tolerance is formed during our childhood years.

It is therefore important for us that every child gets to experience, hear and feel that they are valuable, every single day.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Dibber we say: “I warm-heartedly care for you and support you in becoming the best you can be!”

Children’s right to feeling self-worth and value is universal, but not all children have equal terms, and we who have a lot have to share with those who have less than us.

At Dibber we have the resources to contribute outside the gate of our own kindergartens, which is why we do just that.

Our main projects are Kibera and Zulu Fadder.