Discovery & Mastery

Exceptional play-based early-years learning


Playful, interactive learning

At Dibber our vision is that “We make the world’s most valuable resources grow”. Our purpose is that “Every child will experience that they are valuable”.

We recognise the importance of developing the whole child, which includes self-worth, social skills, health and curiosity. Together this creates the foundation for the best start in life for your children and enables lifelong learning and life mastery.


Playful Learning

Learning by playing is a fundamental mindset and method that influences the course of everything we do in the kindergarten. We express this in many different ways throughout the day and we are competent in the use of play as a vehicle for learning.


Proven education

In our educational concept our Curriculum's 7 fields of study are assembled into 5 subjects, which again make up an educational weekly program for each individual kindergarten.


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