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Bringing Dibber Education to Hong Kong

One of the biggest worries for every parent is finding the right kindergarten for their little one. It's such an important decision because the initial years of a child’s life are the most formative. We, at Dibber, aim to help you do just that.


With our years of experience in the education sector and 500+ schools in Europe, you can trust the future of your child with us. We help children become independent and find joy in learning.


Engage Your Child in Joyful Learning

When learning feels like play, children look forward to it. At Dibber, our learning system is based on three fundamental pillars – driven by heart, playful learning and proven education.


The Nordic curriculum we follow is based on the understanding that learning, if introduced as play, will leave a better impact on the minds of children, encouraging them to absorb all that they can learn from their surroundings. We are adept at using play as a vehicle for learning.


We ensure that children have access to all the resources they need to enhance and hone their skills and interests. Our faculty will prepare them for a smooth transition to any curriculum you may choose to follow in the future.

We treat your child as our own!

A common concern for every parent is that their child will just be a number for the school. This is a concern we aim to put to rest totally. We are family owned and ensure that we treat each child as our own. We ensure every child feels valued and heard in our preschool.


Our highly experienced and qualified team ensures a healthy and safe environment for your child. All spaces, employees and digital infrastructure are recertified each year to ensure the safety of your child.


We also make it a point to keep the parents involved and aware of all that their child learns at our playschool. This is done through constant communication in the form of weekly newsletters and photos. We can help you raise confident, responsible, and independent children.


Our Whampoa Preschool

Our wonderful preschool in Whampoa is the first of its kind in Hong Kong. It is one of our largest preschools and boasts spacious playgrounds, giant construction blocks, magnetic walls, snuggle room, lots of books and activities and dedicated areas for music and art as well.


The curriculum and the method of learning is tailored to meet the specific needs of each child to ensure maximum benefit while not overburdening them. To add to the compelling facilities offered, we have a great view of the buzzing Victoria Harbour from our kindergarten.


We accept children from 3 – 6 years of age. Parents can opt for full day or half day classes with flexible time options as well. We aim to help you relax and go about your day while your child is learning and developing in a safe environment.

Contact us to learn more about our curriculum or to schedule a tour of our beautiful campus.

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