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Welcoming young, precious minds!
Admissions now open for K1 – K3.


Exceptional play-based early-years learning

At Dibber, we provide every child with a nurturing and engaging classroom, experienced and warm teachers and a curriculum that prepares them for a successful transition into the Primary School of their choice.

Early childhood is such an important period in our lives. Within these first few years, the foundations of our learning, confidence and social skills are built. At Dibber, we give all children the opportunity to be the best possible versions of themselves.

When learning, children use their whole bodies and all their senses. Our campus, classrooms and play areas are designed to stimulate and engage our children, giving them opportunities to question, learn and master new skills. This is a time of their lives when we respectfully allow them to grow and develop according to their potential and capacity.

Call us to arrange a school tour!

We're accepting applications now for kindergarten, and we always enjoy welcoming new parents to our beautiful campus. Please call, text or email us to arrange a visit, and meet our Principal and teachers. 


World leading curriculum

Based on the world-leading Nordic curriculum, Dibber promises your child a kindergarten experience marked by discovery, interaction and mastery.


Our Classes

Our Kindergarten welcomes children from 3 to 6 years, preparing them to be confident young learners.



Enjoy the personalised attention from our Admissions Team. Contact us today to arrange a trial class, or a campus tour.



Our children love exploring and learning in our spacious, fun-filled, harbour-front campus in Whampoa. Our welcoming classrooms are based around two large indoor playgrounds.